Men’s Health How Marxism in Public Health is Killing Straight Men

This is Leaving Sugar Mountain’s First “Exclusive Made for Bitchute” Video entitled “Men’s Health How Marxism in Public Health is Killing Straight Men!”

This is a “Pro Straight Men & not PC”, Analysis of the Infiltration & Subversion of Public Health by Marxism with Very Blunt and Direct Suggestions for how Straight Men, Patriots & Non Marxist Ladies can work together to more effectively Resist the *ism that is being used by the left to attempt to destroy American Freedom.

References quoted in this Video:

Men’s Health Month Help Desk 2020 Vol 18 by Abbey of the Black Swan for YouTube! AKA Men’s Health Month “Sanitised & Suppressed” with Stats & Facts on Causes of Health Risk Factors for Men. #MaleLivesMatterToo #DomesticViolence #MensHealth Please Like, Share, Subscribe & Follow @AbbeyoftheBlackSwan on YouTube, Facebook & Gab. The Official Abbey of the Black Swan Twitter is @AbbeyBlackSwan1

The Control by Trauma Paradigm by Fagmedia on YouTube This includes discussion about, the Media & PTSD, #Community, The role of Dark Politics & #Health, Trauma as a Tool used to wield Power in Community Groups, Colonisation & First Nation Traumas and Finding the Way Back Forward. Please Like, Share and Subscribe. @Fagmedia is on Gab, Parler, YouTube & Facebook. (Suspended on Twitter for not being Gay Enough!)

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James Lindsay, Dga.F. @ConceptualJames on X

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