Make Civics Great Again is a response to the most recent bout of man bashing from the closed door domestic violence programmers, designed to blackmail government into delivering more money for the Feminist Marxist Gravy Train.

If Domestic and Family Violence Programs are to stop failing then they need to be urgently audited and re-focused to address real not imaginary problems using non gendered resources. Ignoring LGBT Domestic Violence and Female Violence against Men and Children only serves to create tomorrow’s abusers and victims.

A new Civics Based Approach based on equality and justice within a comprehensive human rights based education system that delivers services for all genders and sexualities, is needed to reverse the harm being done by the failing feminist duluth models.

And on 8th March 2025 vote for the Independent in the Seat of Perth to send a message to halt the gravy trains.

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By jamesrendell17

Official TwitterBlue Check Mark CEO & President Convenor, HIV Consumer Alliance of WA Former, Chairperson People Living with HIV AIDS WA Inc B.A.English & Religious Studies PostGradDip Health Promotion GradDip Photomedia

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