Welcome to Fagmedia’s Introduction. Thanks for your visit to our home on the Web.

We are pleased to resume our mission of promulgating universal joy & expiating stigmatic guilt through education, advocacy and fact based reportage.

Once again, Fagmedia is leading the way in regards to the development of human rights based health care policies, that closes the gap and leaves no one behind. Fagmedia condemns bullying in health care and we advocate for the whole sale restructure of the ancient wasteful systems that prey on citizens and waste tax payer funds on office chairs for fat cats rather than on care for sick people.

As an Independent Media Organisation we are not obligated by funding agreements to support the usual coverups, corruption and misinformation presented as truth by our dear leaders.

Fagmedia is concerned that informed consent needs to be placed front and centre into medical settings and we firmly believe that coercion & bullying have no place in community groups.

We are concerned that the LGB HIV & Trans Community groups, like the WA AIDS Council #WAAC are knowingly ignoring the harm being done from Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. For our Heterosexual Guests, Perth’s Gay World is a small town Peyton Place that functions like a panopticon. Therefore, the silence from the AIDS Industry Leaders and LGBT Members of Parliament in the face of the growing number of suicides is suggestive of a Protection Racket to protect rapists.

Either way LGB HIV & Trans Community groups that are blocking resource allocation to prevent the suicide of Gay and Bisexual Men, all seem to have equal amounts of blood on their hands and deserve to be #defunded immediately.


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