Anyone But Labor Except the Greens in Perth on 8 March 2025  The date of the Western Australian Election is on the 8 March 2025. So because Mother Gretta was nasty to Sister Mary-Jane we’re going to help the Opposition in the Electorate of Perth. 

We don’t need a reason but No Housing & No LGBT Domestic Violence Prevention and that’s Just the Start! We all know the Feminists and Gay Men in charge of the Family Violence Scam statistics collection is fake and the Feminazis actively deletes records of Female and Bi-Sexual Abuse done by Women.

Children who are victims of violence must not be forced to share refuge facilities with LBT Perpetrators pretending to be victims of men coz “statistics” don’t just write themselves”.

The grassroots are not happy with the way the “classes that have recently suddenly enriched themselves” seem to be doing better than fine while people are being pushed down and cemented as the “neo feudal class” and those with connections to power and resources.

Regular people are tired of being looked down upon and pushed around by those who are infected with the sickness of the death cult.

By jamesrendell17

Official TwitterBlue Check Mark CEO & President Convenor, HIV Consumer Alliance of WA Former, Chairperson People Living with HIV AIDS WA Inc B.A.English & Religious Studies PostGradDip Health Promotion GradDip Photomedia

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