It’s time to Recognise the Bad, Lazy Bullies with their own special Bad Service Rewards Program. It’s about time we returned to traditional values and in the absence of the village stocks, a good Naming and Shaming will have to suffice!

First Impressions Last Forever. Looking down on the Grassroots and Treating the disabled, elderly, children and animals badly is a sickness and public shaming and ridicule is the time tested vaccine against wankers and feminist bitches, whose bosses still need customers to keep showing up!

People Buy because of your product or your brand but often leave because of poor and abusive customer service.

Even before Perth’s RAT Test Scamdemic, in which #WALabor Government spent nearly a trillion $ at the businesses of their big pharma mates while leaving citizens to die in hospital from the lack of #3Tablets.

The Science of autopsies show that many of the so called Covid Deaths dies from untreated secondary bacterial infections and the life of the patients would have been saved by Less than $5 per patient.

This represents a failure of oversight and regulation from the Governments & the Regulators and it is arguable that only the arrests for malfeasance in public office will restore faith in the shattered public infrastructure.

It is clear that all the official complaints mechanisms have failed to protect patients from the masked monsters and so we’re taking the advice of the Health Consumer’s Council to help ourselves!

Disabled People talk amongst themselves and it is quite clear that the “glossy everything is lovely” view of the health service industry is plain and simple misinformation. Underfunded is the excuse for policy laziness of Agencies that have grown fat, comfortable & addicted to the tax payer titties so much so that they have forgotten that the PUBLIC do not  tolerate abuse of the vulnerable and/or  turning disabled people away from help

Bad Service Reviews are the only method grassroots have to protect vulnerable people from harm at Agencies and Businesses that do not respect human rights and equal opportunity.


By jamesrendell17

Official TwitterBlue Check Mark CEO & President Convenor, HIV Consumer Alliance of WA Former, Chairperson People Living with HIV AIDS WA Inc B.A.English & Religious Studies PostGradDip Health Promotion GradDip Photomedia

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