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INcluzionPerth Domestic Violence Intervention Program!

As the Convenor of the HIV Consumer Alliance of WA I was told by a WA Labor Political Operative “that it was “just politics” after a breach of confidentiality of a client. The last time I spoke to Mother Gretta he was disparaging about “my Liberal Party”.

Ok so it’s therefore “not my voice” and Anyone but Labor except the Greens in Perth is my campaign for better housing for everyone in WA and an end to the intra community abuse and bullying of people with disabilites in the un regulated NGO System.

It is time for a Royal Commission into the Corruption, Waste and Abuse in the Health Industry. It’s time for Justice to include #Reparations for harm caused by organisations and their staff’s personal liability is also that adds knowingly causing harm into the toxic swamp that festers in the dark of opaque transparency and merged conflicts of interest and state/private relationships all equal a disaster for individual rights – which make a joke indeed of the mantra safe and effective.



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Official TwitterBlue Check Mark CEO & President Convenor, HIV Consumer Alliance of WA Former, Chairperson People Living with HIV AIDS WA Inc B.A.English & Religious Studies PostGradDip Health Promotion GradDip Photomedia

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